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Best Of // Summer Edition

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Living in Houston your routine changes a bit when the temperature starts getting into the triple digits.  There are so many great products out there that it was hard to zero in on the best, but I tried anyway.  I am such a product junkie and tend to fall for all of the marketing tricks (especially packaging)… but I just love trying all of the newest things that come out – so here it goes, my favorites this Summer.


Vaseline | Spray & Go (fell hard for this) it is just too easy to spray and run out the door.  I especially love how it doesn’t leave your hands greasy after and it also gives my skin an extra glow.  I have been using the Cocoa Radiant, which has a light cocoa butter scent.  Kai | Body Wash seems to always be on my lists – I am just obsessed with this scent (fresh gardenia) I also keep the body butter and body glow stocked.  (out of all of my perfumes and lotions this is the only one my boyfriend seems to comment on).  Bliss | Body Scrub I don’t know about you, but I love scrubs, skin polish, basically anything granulated.   I am no expert and this probably isn’t great for the everyday but it is great for those days you want your skin to feel extra soft.


I have a very intricate makeup routine (I have used the same products forever) but I did finally jump on the BB / CC Bandwagon (at least for the summer) – these are two of the ones that I have been trying and actually liked.  Clarins | BB Skin Perfecting Cream is great for those days that I want my skin to have that dewy makeup glow.  The color (I use medium) seems to blend perfectly with my skin – I don’t know how it does it.  Rachel K  | CC Mineral Color Control I discovered this at Vanity Lounge in Houston, it has a more mattifying effect on my skin which I love for the days I’m running around.  It holds up better in the heat and has more coverage, which I sometimes need.  Both of these are so easy to put on and replace my usual makeup routine of moisturizer, foundation, concealer and powder.  Nars | Powder Blush in Orgasm This one has been on so many lists that it was only a matter of time before I tried it.  I love this peachy color for summer with just a hint of shimmer.  (I swear this color looks great on everyone).   Too Faced | Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer  There are a couple of these bronzers out there but I fell for the leopard print…and have been using this one ever since.  Clarins | Instant Light Lip Perfector  I recently went to a demonstration at the Clarins counter and was told I had to try this lip gloss.  I am so not a lip gloss person…I hate the sticky feeling that most of them leave behind.  This one is DIFFERENT!  I have only been using this for 2 weeks and already planning to never run out of it.  The color is neutral (not pale) and can be worn underneath lipsticks also.  It makes my lips so soft, its unbelievable. I’m addicted.  Yves Saint Laurent | Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking Yes, I tried this because it was gold, but I do love it and can’t go anywhere without mascara. 


Summer means that I want to be as low maintenance as possible with my hair.  My usual routine is blow drying, flat ironing and then adding some loose curls.  That doesnt happen often during the summer, so for those days I will usually add some sea spray or a leave in a conditioner with a quick blow dry.  Currently loving Ouidad | Sea Spray and from Paul Mitchell Awapuhi | Texturizing Sea Spray.   For those days I do the full out blow dry routine I use this Unite | 7 Seconds Condition 



My summer nails tend to be very bright – I love all of the new Essie Colors especially the latest two collections Essie | Summer 2013 Collection and Essie | Neons 2013 Collection .  When Im not rocking the brightest nails on the planet, I like to go with a shimmery neutral.  Chanel has the best colors right now, and I just had to add the Azure color because I love it for year round.

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  • http://www.classandfab.com Monica

    Love every thing, specially the spray lotion =)



  • http://www.cuteheads.com esther

    obsessed with those Chanel nail polishes. so pretty!

  • Steph

    Don’t forget dry shampoo/texture spray for the crazy humidity. Some mornings I want to take a picture of my hair before I leave the house and pin it to my shirt so people can see what it started out as.

    • http://www.houstonista.com houstonista

      I love dry shampoo but hate the buildup that accumulates…I currently use Suave professionals dry shampoo (love the smell). Which one do you recommend?


      • Steph

        I love Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush. It smells like Michael Kors’ signature fragrance and works as well as higher priced ones. The BEST is Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, but the price is too high considering how much I use.