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Flow Juice Bar | Houston

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I began juicing a little over a year ago on my quest to become a healthier person and have been obsessed ever since.  This past Christmas after receiving a juicer as a gift my obsession grew a little more and while I do juice at home, sometimes it is just easier to visit a juice bar.  I recently had the chance to visit Flow Juice Bar (from the same owners of Max’s Wine Dive) and was seriously impressed.  After sitting down with Natalie and sampling from their menu of juices, smoothies and snacks I was hooked.  I especially love how they break everything down for you based on the benefits.  Everything from body and skin and mental health to detoxing and overall well being.

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Now for my favorites :

  • 24 carrot glow is one of my absolute favorites and I hate carrots!
  • Bounce Back and Green Machine are my favorite green juices…so far.  I really want to try the A Few Good Greens
  • Frankie Says Relax is a great smoothie when you are craving chocolate or peanut butter.
  • I love the Cranberry Chia Bar and even crave it sometimes.
  • Check out the full menu here

FLOW JUICE BAR | 214 Fairview St. | Open daily 7am – 7pm

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