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Furnishing My Future Office

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For the past 3 years I have been working from home, which has worked out fine…until now.  I have downloaded every app, purchased infinite notebooks and re-organized my home office four times in 6 months trying to be more productive.  Time for a change!  So I’m currently on the lookout for a great studio space/office (recommendations welcome).   In the meantime I have been dreaming of how to decorate this undiscovered as of yet space.

gold desk

This 24k gold plated desk is from my dreams and definitely out of my price range…but I will use every diy that I can find to recreate this look.  via //armani casa
Inspiration Board
everyone needs a good inspiration board!  Also loving all this white on white. via // the decorista
Conference Table
While I manage Houstonista all by myself, I do have a partner for CKO designs and we are always having meetings at little coffee shops or restaurants nearby.  I love this conference table for our creative meetings with clients and even just for my partner and I as we discuss our latest website design projects.  image via //
Bar Cart
Ill need a cute little bar cart filled with drinks and refreshments for all of our clients and guests. 
Inspiring Framed Art
wonderful art
Flowers and Words to work by
some inspiring art on the walls.  ( I love text as art), pretty flowers and words to work by.  images via // pinterest
Marc Jacobs Entrance
And finally this entrance from Marc Jacobs headquarters is perfect for our simple entrance…with our business names of course. image via // Marc Jacobs facebook
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  • Monica

    We have the same taste white, clean and minimal! I dream to have an office… Maybe a home office so i can be with my pups =)

    • houstonista

      Of course we do!! I need a space to separate home & work and hopefully I can bring the pups with me.

      x Mishelle

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