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arrow necklace

fox ring

thorn bangle

I first saw the arrow necklace on Dianna Agron while browsing September issues this past weekend, and came across this amazing jewelry designer –  Annina Vogel.  I love all of the antique, one of a kind pieces…she definitely has an eye for charms.   Annina Vogel is also responsible for that Ruby Eyed Fox Stud Ring up there…  The other pieces are from a designer I have seen at market  – Alkemie Jewelry.  They never fail to impress me and the designs keep getting better and better.  They always have one of the most elaborate displays at their Market booth that has the jewelry hanging in a creatively chaotic way.  There is so much more to see on both of their websites.  Definitely getting inspired to make jewelry these days… more to come.

Rose Cut Diamond and Pearl Heart Arrow Necklace // Annina Vogel   // Key Victorian Brooch Conversion Necklace // Annina Vogel  // Plain Arrow Victorian Brooch Conversion Arrow Necklace // Annina Vogel  // Rings + Bangles via // Alkemie Jewelry

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