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Meet RJ

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I don’t know if you have noticed by my instagram, facebook, pinterest etc.  but I am a huge animal lover.  I’m the girl that talks everyone into getting a dog, they just make life better!   I currently have a packed house with (3 dogs) and I absolutely love it!  My latest rescue, Luxie is a shepherd mix and while I have always had small dogs growing up (pugs, yorkies, maltese and pomeranians) I have to say there is something different about a bigger dogs personality.  She has changed everything about us and we are completely in love.


So when the Humane Society contacted me about being an ambassador I didn’t even hesitate.  I think everyone should have a dog (or two or three) they change your life in the best possible way.  I was paired with RJ an adorable Shepherd Mix and I can’t wait to find him a home.  Visit RJ and other dogs looking for a home at The Humane Society and help The Humane Society with their #100kchallenge 

RJ from The Humane Society

Hey there, RJ here! I’m a shepherd mix that’s about 55 pounds and 1 1/2 years old. I enjoy romping in the training area to burn off a little of my energy and excitement for life. I really love the jungle gym equipment, and have earned the nickname Tarzan. I get along well with new people and all dogs I meet at the shelter. 
Exercise is important to me and I’ve learned to run easily and properly alongside my volunteers. I could be a great training companion for your next 5K or hiking trip! I love treats and am learning lots of things like “here” and “load” so I will be ready to jump in your vehicle and off we go! After my workout, I love to lean up against you for rubs all over. 
Don’t get me wrong, I like the Houston Humane Society, but what I really want is a forever home. I am really smart and need both physical and mental exercise every day. So a yard would come in handy for workouts. I’m ready to be your forever friend and side kick, so please take me home.”



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  • http://www.happilyeverparker.com Laura

    Dogs do INDEED make life better! <3