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Primavera 2013 // Simon Fashion Now

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Twice a year the Houston Galleria presents an amazing fashion show that features the best designers of the current season.  This year, they took it to a whole new level by having their Primavera Fashion Show on the roof…THE ROOF!  And on a pool, the entire time all I could think about was how cool it was that we were actually partying on the roof of The Galleria.  I can honestly say I look forward to this event year round and hope they continue this new tradition.   I didn’t get any great shots of  the setup, but if you want to see more click here.  Or follow my instagram @houstonista

Houston Galleria Primavera Fashion Show 2013


I had a great time, thanks to my girls Magen Pastor , Issa from We Wear Things and Bethany from Southern Chic Style.

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